An economic and non-disruptive method for installing pipelines and cable ducts. This is less time consuming and less disruptive than the open cut approach.

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Our Services

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

    Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an ideal solution for laying pipes under structures such as roads, rivers, canals, railway lines and protected areas. HDD can be used for duct installation for all utilities and during the construction of infrastructure such as data centres, windfarms and solar farms It is a method with only one start point and one exit point, so surfaces along the route remain untouched. Our services include:

    • Site investigation & design.
    • Drilling through all formations including bedrock.
    • Wire-line & walkover steerable systems for precise creation of the pilot bore.
    • Compressed air & fluid-based drilling systems.
    • Drilling fluid recycling systems to minimise waste.
  • Horizontal Rock Drilling

    Horizontal rock drilling is an ideal solution for installing steel pipes in rock, boulders and gravel under permanent structures over short distances. The method uses a simultaneous casing system, which excels in unconsolidated and weathered formations. Ours is a pit-launch system that uses compressed air and hammers.

  • Auger Boring

    This is an effective method for pipe installations under sensitive surfaces. We use a rotating cutting head that bores a horizontal hole inside of a casing. As the cutting head moves through the ground, the resulting spoil is moved by a flighted auger out of the casing and the steel casing is jacked into place.

  • Pipe Ramming

    This is a cost-effective solution for installing steel casing under permanent structures, roads, railway lines and protected areas. It is a method with only one start point and one exit point, leaving the surface along the pipeline route untouched.

  • Electrofusion & Butt Fusion Welding

    To complement the various methods of trenchless technology, we offer electro fusion and butt fusion welding of MDPE & HPDE Polyethylene Pipes (PE) for multiple utilities.

  • Horizontal Grouting of Pipeline

    A common service required is the grouting of cables within ducting. This is a process to fill the annular space between a product pipe and carrier duct. We offer the service to mix and pump a fluid-based grout.