Horizontal Directional Drilling 7

Belfast International Airport Runway Crossings 2018

Client: White Mountain
Location: Belfast International Airport

Job Description:
The project scope was to install one number taxi way crossing and one main runway crossing using directional drilling.
The taxi way crossing was an 84 metre gravity water evacuation pipe of 450mm diameter 
The drilling commenced in mid November 2017 and was completed within 9 days challenges were met due to difficult geological conditions and restricted working hours due to weather conditions . 
The pilot bore was drilled to tolerances of 0.4 % per 4.5 meter length drill rod entry and exit were exact on target with credit to the drilling crew. 
The main runway crossings was slightly longer at 138m and the product pipe diameter was 315 mm the drilling could only be executed on night time operations as directed by air traffic control 
Work commenced on the 8th January 2018, again the product pipe was installed in 10 days at the same tolerances as the taxi way crossing .
Geological conditions were more favourable but weather conditions caused delays to completion the working window averaged 4 hrs per night .
Our Client is delighted upon the completion of the crossing and the main runway was handed back to the airport on schedule on the night of the product pipe pullback operation 
Equipment Used: